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  H ow the US Trade Tariffs will effect Amazon FBA Sellers

If you’ve been too busy lately to think about the Trade Wars then you’re not alone. Yesterday’s news fades quickly and drilling down to really get the picture straight takes determination and precious time. So I thought that I’d do some sleuthing for Amazon Sellers and A2X Users, and in addition to my research, ask Sellers what they were considering in relation to these tariffs... more

The Effect of US Trade Tariffs on Ecommerce Sellers

An Interview with the owner of a US based manufacturer and online retailer.In this second segment, we will see the picture from a unique viewpoint: diving into the depths of the import/export process, and discovering the intricacies and knock-on effects of the current Trade War climate... more

A2X asks Accountants in the UK: How can Amazon Sellers prepare for the UK's MTD?

MTD, or Making Tax Digital, means a big change for Amazon Sellers trading in the UK, and affects all aspects of the way Sellers account for VAT to the HMRC. Despite the increasing urgency for Sellers to start their transition to compliant digital systems, there is  very little mentioned about MTD on the UK media... more

A2X Brexit Preparedness

As of writing this blog, March 29th 2019 and Brexit is just over three months away and there is so much confusion with the politics, it is really hard to understand what it all means to one’s business. As I am in the UK this week, it has been the perfect opportunity to “take-the-pulse” of the moment and break it down into the practical implications for our Amazon Sellers... more

A Winter’s Tale Azores Business Retreat

New Year’s Day we walked to the local promenade and town beach, where we unexpectedly found half the town strolling, jogging, biking, swimming (yes, whole families out swimming), and paragliding!  It was 65F and windy. The surf was full of people, the beach crowded: toweling dry and picnics, beach chairs and blankets. Exotic birds sailed high above all this, huge rainbow-colored wings traversing above the roofs of the town church, across the penthouse of the beachfront hotel.  The scene was one of perfect order, of gulls and angels, townsfolk, wind, wave and spray.


There’s many a noble New Year's Resolution: we promise to develop discipline, improve our quality of life, but we all know that few are serious promises.  Of course, one of the stickier life issues for most is actually financial. We are bound to feelings of abundance and shortage; some cultural, some familial in origin.

Money is just energy, we are told, but how to keep things steady and how to stay within budget?  I always advise my clients that to attract money, one must organize to receive it.


friary garden window portugal
cobbled street feet

Attracting Money

It was to this thought that I returned on our latest excursion; a morning stroll, post New Year, though the cobbled back alleys and streets of the old quarter of the city.

Cobble stones are organised, unique blocks; a fascinating combination of order and function, and the more you walk on these streets, the more you appreciate that you are engulfed by symmetry and flow.

”The wind, as usual, was blustery, cajoling; our aimless stroll was persuaded this way and then that. The turn of a corner, gazing at centuries of design, following rules of order and purpose.We like to work a little Beauty into our business: courtesy, respect, appreciation, grace; and we also love purpose, design-for-function.  It is this combination of form and function we love about the aesthetic of simplicity.  


For us, simplicity is elegance essentialized; and so we have coined the word “Beautility” to describe a solution that fits both sets of attributes.

When we work with our clients, we have the aims of gathering information, organizing and scheduling processes; all to the purpose of regulating flow and creating predictability.  If we see this working we know we have made some more Beautility happen.

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