"We Help Entrepreneurs Succeed By Their Own Definition"

Our Team







We're an online, family run accounting and bookkeeping business. We offer full service accounting using the latest in apps and automations. Our team’s specialty is in ecommerce, Amazon and Shopify, using integrations with A2X and Xero accounting.

We have the know-how, experience and strategies to grow your business.

mike brady Bookkeeper, Researcher and Writer, SOP Specialist

Previously, Mike worked in the editing, education, music, and video fields for over 30 years.  He has also owned several small businesses, and brings his extensive organizational skills to developing standard operating procedures (SOPs) for Alavita and its clients.

ana brady Bookkeeper, Marketing & Graphic Designer, Researcher

With a decade of  management and sales experience, Ana brings high standards and dedication to all her work with Alavita. A multi-media artist, she also runs her own family's artisan kitchen design & installation business.

karen brady Owner, Consultant, Bookkeeper

Karen works with hundreds of business owners all over the world, from Sole Proprietors to Corporations.  She is a seasoned expert in online accounting and business innovation. She started out on QuickBooks over 10 years ago but then fell in love with the Xero system, and has been working in it over the last seven years. She has 3 years’ experience working closely with the New Zealand firm A2X, the top Amazon and Shopify Accounting app.