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We have the know-how, experience and strategies to grow your business.

We're an online, family-run business. All our work is handled in-house, we do not ever outsource. We work with SMB companies, mostly in eCommerce online selling, but also service-based and design.  

We use the very latest in apps and automation. Our team is experienced in Multichannel eCommerce: Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, Walmart, Ebay and Etsy, using integrations with A2X, Xero, ReceiptBank, Gusto, and Avalara, to name a few.

mike brady Bookkeeper, Certified Xero Advisor, Researcher and Writer, SOP Specialist

Mike has owned several small businesses, and brings his extensive analytical and organizational skills to his bookkeeping and consulting for Alavita. With 30 years' work in education, freelance editing and promotion, Mike also oversees the development of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for Alavita and its clients.

karen brady Owner, Consultant, AIPB Bookkeeper, Certified Xero Advisor Xero expert, certified bookkeeper and accounting consultant with‌ over a decade in accounting, and ‌four‌ ‌years‌ ‌as‌ ‌a‌ ‌corporate‌ ‌financial‌ ‌manager. Karen works with hundreds of business owners all over the world, from Sole Proprietors to Corporations.  She is a seasoned expert in online accounting and business innovation. She has 3 years’ experience working closely with the New Zealand firm A2X, the top Amazon and Shopify Accounting app.  

"When a business is really set up for success, I feel the best of worlds have been brought together: confidence and integrity - personal goals and life-work balance. With financial flow and flexibility, possibilities align with opportunities, crucial decisions come naturally.  It's a pleasure to see."

Karen talks about the spirit of Alavita

sharmin akter rima
ICAB Accountant, Bookkeeper,Certified Xero Advisor

As a  seasoned Xero and QBO expert, Sharmin brings five year's accounting experience, having worked with clients in the US, Canada and the UK. She is our team's QuickBooks specialist, and is Karen's right hand woman, The two head up our dynamic team, working closely in tending to all our client's finances and reporting.





aimee lamayo Alavita Team Virtual Assistant

Aimee is our team's virtual admin support. She provides client file management and client onboarding. She also helps with Lead follow-up and CRM Management. Her specialty is in Mass Communications and in designing creatives using Canva.